[Marxism] GRANMA EDITORIAL: The dance of the millions for the counterrevolution in Cuba

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Spanish follows English. This editorial appears just prior to the
arrival in Cuba of the largest delegation of U.S. congress members
in decades. The delegation will certainly be aware of this front-
page editorial in Cuba's Granma newspaper, taking up half the page.

By the way, there's a good 3.5 minutes NPR report today. Marx says
this hasn't been reported in the Cuban media, but that this large
group will meet with Alarcon tonight and that there's an open time
in their schedule tomorrow where they assume they will meet with
Raul. Listen to the NPR report:

December 14, 2005


The dance of the millions for the counterrevolution in Cuba

ON November 15, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the arm
of the United States Congress that investigates how the federal
government and its agencies administer the federal budget and
assesses the degree of effectiveness with which they implement their
functions and programs, published an extensive 63-page report titled
"Foreign Assistance: U.S. Democracy Assistance for Cuba Needs Better
Management and Oversight."

After a painstaking review of the millions allocated by the United
States government to promote subversion in our country, and to
conceive and nurse squalid and discredited mercenary factions in
Cuba, the abovementioned document arrived at the inevitable
conclusion that the funds allocated to that end have been squandered.

The report had been requested by two Congress members, Arizona
Republican Jeff Flake and Massachusetts Democrat William Delahunt,
both members of the House of Representatives International Relations
Committee who have proposed initiatives aimed at easing the blockade
and promoting change in the Bush Administration's anti-Cuba policy.

The report would be cause for ridicule if the facts it reveals were
not so serious: how and on what $73.5 million was spent between 1996
and 2005 to try to subvert the internal order of our country.

Immediately, major U.S. media agencies reported the irregularities
and corrupt waste in the utilization of almost $74 million that -
just via this channel, which is not the only one for financing their
mercenary groups in Cuba - the U.S. government has taken from U.S.
taxpayers' pockets to finance its criminal and failed anti-Cuba
policy, and to maintain active the industry of the anti-Cuban
counterrevolution via programs for promoting so-called "democracy" in
our country, which are directed by institutions like the United
States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the State

According to the U.S. media itself, more than half of these funds
never made it to Cuba; instead, they remained in Miami. Likewise,
part of the money was used to buy articles such as video games,
canned crabmeat, bicycles, luxury coats and chocolates and DVD
players, reflecting, in all of its magnitude, the official U.S.
business of the counterrevolution in Cuba, and the enormous dividends
that that it brings to the anti-Cuba industry based in Miami.

The report also reveals that of the total funds wasted, part was
squandered on items that the United States Interests Section in
Havana is trying to distribute in Cuba, to which end that office
handed out, between 1996 and 2006, some 385,000 books, bulletins and
other "informative" material, according to the information in the GAO
document. That was in addition to the correspondence "journalism
courses" for more than 200 mercenaries, the publication of
approximately 23,000 reports by so-called "independent journalists"
on the situation in Cuba, and the financing of the visit to our
country by more than 200 "international experts" to train the
domestic counterrevolution.

This confirms the grounds for the reiterated revelations by our
government of the U.S. Interests Section, which acts as the
headquarters of the counterrevolution, and it also shows in an
irrefutable manner how that Interests Section flagrantly violates the
Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of April 18, 1961, by
bringing into Cuba - abusing its diplomatic privileges - articles and
materials that are not for the official use of that diplomatic
mission, but for supplying the mercenaries who work at the service of
the U.S. government.

The GAO report provides incontrovertible proof of the systematic
revelations by the Cuban government to the effect that the ill-named
dissidence is nothing more than a group financed and directed by the
U.S. government, real mercenaries, on the payroll and at the service
of the historic enemy of the Cuban people: Yankee imperialism, which
today is not concealing its voracious intention of taking over Cuba
again, something for which it spares no resources, despite the fact
that it will never attain its final goal, which is to overthrow the

It is unusual to verify the disdain they have for the very people of
the United States, whom they constantly try to manipulate, to make
them believe in an immoral and failed policy that is aimed at
breaking the independence-loving and sovereign determination of our
people, and the financing for which, moreover, they impose.

Via its subversive anti-Cuba programs, the Bush administration is
providing unlimited travel funds for inciting unpatriotic
individuals, while denying the U.S. people their right to travel to
Cuba and to have relationships with our country, and has cruelly
reduced the number of visits that can be made by Cubans resident in
the United States to once every three years, to those that it has
arbitrarily redefined as their family members in Cuba.

In its turn, the Bush administration is imposing heavier restrictions
on remittances and packages from Cubans resident in the United States
to their relatives in Cuba, while at the same time, maintaining a
wide, dirty pipeline for resources of all kinds, but only at the
disposition of the mercenaries who make a living from the business of

The Bush administration is imposing increasingly heavier restrictions
on Cuba for acquiring in the United States medicines that are vital
for our children and elderly and other vulnerable groups, and
maintains permanent obstacles to the purchase of foodstuffs from the
U.S. market for consumption by our entire population; while at the
same time, cynically, it sends all types of medicines - and even
coats and fine chocolates - to counterrevolutionary elements that
lick the boots of the empire.

The Bush administration is imposing on the Cuban people the longest
and cruelest blockade ever known in human history, while at the same
time, nurturing and carefully maintaining its paid parasites, as
corrupt and immoral as the imperialism that sustains them.

These are the real "humanitarian" and "human rights" policies that
the Miami mafia and the anti-Cuban Congress members in Florida wish
for our people, a policy that allows them to receive the benefits of
an ongoing "dance of the millions" at the cost of the U.S. and Cuban

Without a doubt, by implementing the criminal and genocidal policy
contained in the Bush Plan, the U.S. government is attempting to
improve and continue its financing for internal subversion in our
country, for which it has decided to allocate $80 million in
additional funds over the next two years, and no less than $20
million every year following that, until, according to their
long-desired pretensions, it is able to overthrow our Revolution.

However, they should not delude themselves. The Cuban government and
people will ensure, as they have done to date, the guarantee that
these plans are completely ineffective, and the total rupture of any
macabre plans being hatched in Washington to foster subversion and
internal counterrevolution in our country.

The Cuban government and people are exposing, once again, the
provocative, insulting and unacceptable nature of the constant aid
that the U.S. government, with its criminal political goals, is
attempting to get to its counterrevolutionary cubs, while at the same
time intensifying the iron-fisted economic blockade that it has
maintained against the Cuban people for almost five decades.

For a long time, the imperialist U.S. government has lacked any moral
authority whatsoever in Cuba, and it is increasingly losing what it
does have in many other parts of the world.

With dignity, serenity and courage, Cuba will adopt, at any time, the
measures it deems necessary for confronting this type of aggression.

No matter how much money they waste, they will never be able to break
the determination of the Cuban people.

(Translated by Granma International)

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