[Marxism] Lula: "Too old to be a leftist"

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 15 11:14:51 MST 2006

I have plenty of scruples. In addition, I do not lie. Izquierda Nacional and his
 founder Ramos supported Menem’s government from the very beginning and
 around 1994-95 opposition in his party emerged to continue that support.
Soon afterward, the party split in various factions with some in opposition to
 continue supporting Menem.  However, those opposing support for Menem,
 continue support for other factions of Peronism.

     Of course, since the end of the 1990s Menem lost most of his support. Since
 the end of the 1990s most leftists who supported Menem do not want to
 remember that and are very critical of the former president.  Of course

Couple links to Ramos (considered the father and founder of Izquierda Nacional)
 positions on Menem (there are plenty more):
  Ramos maintains support for Menem

  Letter to Guerberoff, June 4, 1990

  "I’m going with Menem
  Jorge Abelardo Ramos 1994


    In exchange for his support, Menem gave Ramos and his group a number of
 positions in government.


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