[Marxism] Lula: "Too old to be a leftist"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 15 11:22:01 MST 2006

Carlos wrote:
>   Louis:
>I have plenty of scruples. In addition, I do not lie. Izquierda Nacional 
>and his
>  founder Ramos supported Menem’s government from the very beginning and
>  around 1994-95 opposition in his party emerged to continue that support.

This is not what I would call laser-like clarity. Maybe you can write in 
Spanish if it would help you to break through the pea soup fog that 
surrounds your intervention on this issue.

>Soon afterward, the party split in various factions with some in opposition to
>  continue supporting Menem.  However, those opposing support for Menem,
>  continue support for other factions of Peronism.

In Journalism 101, they stress the need for "Who, What, When, Where, Why". 
If you were the editor of a newspaper that received such a mush-mouthed 
obfuscation, I am sure that you would put it in the circular bin. Why then 
do you foist it on a Marxism list that has thousands of critical readers 
and thinkers?

>      Of course, since the end of the 1990s Menem lost most of his 
> support. Since
>  the end of the 1990s most leftists who supported Menem do not want to
>  remember that and are very critical of the former president.  Of course

And I supported Daniel Ortega in 1989 but I do not support him today. Of 
course, in your book that damns me just as much as it damns the CP'ers who 
urged a vote for John Kerry in the last election but I have no antidote for 



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