[Marxism] Lula: "Too old to be a leftist",

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Fri Dec 15 11:40:24 MST 2006


I have plenty of scruples. In addition, I do not lie.
 Izquierda Nacional  and hisfounder Ramos supported Menem?s government from the very beginning and around 1994-95 opposition in his party emerged to continue that support.

This is not what I would call laser-like clarity. Maybe you can write in  Spanish if it would help you to break through the pea soup fog that  surrounds your intervention on this issue.


No need, Louis. I wrote originally that N's party
supported neoliberal Menem and I provided two links
of the main founde's support for Menem.  This is clear,
so clear indeed, that even an intellectual like you
would understand.

If you wish, I can stated again:

Izquierda Nacional, trhought its MPL formation, led by
its founder and ideological father, Jorge Abelardo Ramos, supported Menem's government.

I stand by that and is true.  So, an apology from you is
forthcoming, right?


And I supported Daniel Ortega in 1989 but I do not support him today. Of  course, in your book that damns me just as much as it damns the CP'ers who  urged a vote for John Kerry in the last election but I have no antidote for  that. 


That's really your problem, not mine. I wouldn;t say
it damned you... I would say that you f***d up in
1989, when Ortega has already betrayed the Nicaraguan

But, that's really another topic, isn't?

I used to know this priest that always said:

"We need to protect the sinners of today, for
those are who remind us of our own sins from the past."


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