[Marxism] Argentina

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 15 11:42:16 MST 2006

This is a combination of a moderator's note and some background.

Carlos Petroni and Nestor Gorojovsky are long-time activists on the 
Argentine left who are worlds apart politically. I will not try to describe 
their differences except to say that Carlos is an ortho-Trotskyist while 
Nestor belongs to a group that broke with most of the left over how to 
regard Peron. They saw him as a kind of prototypical Hugo Chavez, an 
analysis that I agree with although I tend to not share Nestor's views on Lula.

I think that I can have a reasonable discussion or debate with the two of 
them (much less so with Carlos, as I am sure he would freely admit) but I 
don't think there is any good reason for the two of them to fight it out 
here. To understand their disagreements would require a knowledge of the 
details of Argentine history that is unavailable to the average subscriber.

I know that Nestor values this list greatly and I would hate to see him 
unsub over his displeasure with Carlos's attacks. Furthermore, I told him 
privately that most of the mud that Carlos is hurling is ending up on his 
own face. Although Nestor is a "party" person, he is clearly quite 
comfortable with the list ecology which as most of you know is based on a 
willingness to confront sectarian mistakes in our history. It is clear that 
Carlos does not share that approach. I would only hope that he respects our 
purposes here, nonetheless. Marxmail gives you an opportunity to present 
your views to 950 subscribers worldwide and probably twice that number who 
read the archives.

All I would ask is that comrades avoid the temptation to conduct polemics 
around the same question on a nonstop basis, after it has become obvious 
that all the points that could be made have already been made. It is the 
holiday season and I am in much too charitable a mood to have to remove 
people from the list.



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