[Marxism] The Sit-in Movement was Not Spontaneous

Michael Hoover mhhoover at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 13:40:47 MST 2006

On 12/14/06, Dbachmozart at aol.com <Dbachmozart at aol.com> wrote:
 > The full-blown, post-Greensboro wave of sit-ins of the early 60s could not
> have been so strikingly successful had it not been for the organizational
> experience garnered during the protests of the late 50s.
> http://www.blackagendareport.com/008/008_rf_sint_ins_were_planned.php

The article's author is apparently working on a more lengthy study of
the sit-in movement so the following information is probably not to
new to him. In any event, CORE engaged in lunch counter actions in
several cities, including Baltimore and Chicago, in the 1940s. Also,
Howard University law students picketed Washington, D.C. stores in the
early 1950s.
And for good measure, the Freedom Rides initiated by CORE in 1961 had
as their precedent a similar 1947 CORE effort.   Michael Hoover

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