[Marxism] Talkin about a union and the Swift raids

robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 17:29:00 MST 2006

Joaquin wrote in the Zweig-Roediger thread:
>>Black and white, unite and fight. Do you know what the sentiment is
among many Latinos right now? "Go put a leash on your mad-dog
immigration Gestapo, and THEN we'll talk about a
union."  I notice there's not been a peep on this list about the Swift
raids. Big
fucking deal. What's 1300 spics to the U.S. working class, right?<<

I just received this from the UMass Labor Center list serve this a.m.
sent by a leading Solidarity member.

"Hi everyone, I'm not sure if you've been following the news about the
raids that took place this week at 6 Swift & Co. meatpacking plants in
6 states. Military came in at dawn into the plants
and arrested people, and apparently held them in National Guard camps.

This operation resulted in 1,282 arrests, and is being called the
largest single-employer raid ever. This is part of Homeland Security's
"Operation Wagon Train."

It seems a mysterious coincidence that of the 6 plants that were
raided, 5 are unionized. It also seems coincidental timing with the
large, public campaign going on right now at Smithfield.

There are protests going on in a few cities, but you also might take
this opportunity to figure out ways to support the Smithfield campaign
if you haven't already: http://www.smithfieldjustice.com/"

JB are you still going to tell me that the class and race quaestion do
not intersect? And that the labor movement in the U.S. is a single,
race-privileged white monolith. Previous posts show that you don't
really believe this so  why persist in this race-baiting?

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