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Sorry, I must have missed something amidst Petroni's irony here. 

Would Petroni have preferred that Chavez announce the formation 
of a DIVIDED Socialist Party? In any event, another source, one
closer to the process in Venezuela and in favor of it, reports the 
name differently than what Petroni says it is. 

Carlos, I'm looking for some of the English documents which had
been posted to the SF-Frontlines page when you published a
newspaper in San Francisco, California. That website is gone
and I'd like to obtain some of the documents. I was unable to
find them on your most interesting new website. Links to the
original articles are given below. I believe that the opinions
of your tendency deserve full, and accurate presentation.

Can you help?


Walter Lippmann

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"We are set for socialism - We must plan and give birth to it"
Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias (ABN) / Aporrea.org - www.aporrea.org
15/12/06 - www.aporrea.org/ideologia/n87976.html

Caracas, 15 December – At a ceremony in recognition of Commando
Miranda, the reelected president Hugo Chavez guaranteed that the great
themes for 2007 will be socialism, the united party and constitutional

>From the Teresa Carreno theatre, in the capital of Venezuela, the
leader of the Bolivarian revolution headed a ceremony to congratulate
his campaign command for the overwhelming victory achieved at the
December election.

Even before the election, great feats had outlined the issues that are
set to be the main debates during the coming year.

Socialism will be the fundamental issue. "I have not deceived anyone
in Venezuela. We are set for socialism. A new socialism, our own. We
must plan and give birth to it", he pronounced.

After citing Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, Chavez affirmed that "the
transformation of the economic model is fundamental if we want to
construct a true socialism". Later he added that the construction of
socialism had hardly begun in Venezuela. "Right now we've hardly begun
to even visualize it".

He recalled that eight years ago he announced the call for a
constituent assembly - "and so it was done".

Regarding the single party, Chavez announced that the name could be
PASUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela).

He called for the leadership of the new party to be elected by the
base. "Enough of the little finger, of the finger, and often, of my
own finger", he admitted in reference to the selection of candidates
for governors and mayors for recent elections.

President Chavez, without mincing words, said the alliance of multiple
parties supported a truth as wide as the sky. But "the people's votes
are for Chavez, not for lies". ", he declared.

[It should be] a single party, not a broad front, Chavez explained.
"Forget the colours, the symbols. They are insignificant. The
important thing is a party of the homeland", he declared.

Those parties that do not wish to be part of it may continue down
their own path, he clarified.

Chavez's comments were a response to the endless declarations that
dozens of Bolivarian politicians have made on the quantity of parties
"achieved" by the red cause.

"The Fifth Republic Movement (MVR) has passed into history", said the

On the theme of constitutional reform, Chavez did not provide more
detail. He has previously declared that some adjustments are necessary
– among them, the indefinite reelection of the president.
La fuente original de este documento es:
Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias (ABN) (http://www.abn.info.ve) 

The limited gains of the Cuban revolution: independence from the US;
public ownership of many of the elements of the economy; universal
and free health care and education and housing as a right, not a
privilege, as well as elimination of landlordism – among others – are
the gains that need to be defended against imperialism and
reactionaries, while at the same time Marxists advocate a political
revolution – not a social one – in Cuba for the working class and the
oppressed to exert direct power through their own institutions and
guarantee to stop the retreat of the revolution, now being
implemented with the re-introduction of capitalism and class
differentiation by Castro’s government.
>From our side, we maintain our support for Cuba in the face of any
and all US attacks and provocations. We demand the lifting of the
embargo, the withdrawal of US troops from Guantanamo and the closing
of its terror-and-death camp there for good, and we will certainly
defend Cuba against any Imperial military threats or provocations.

But we insist that the best defense of Cuba is for the Cuban working
class to forge a democratic workers' republic, based on the rule of
their own organizations and not the Stalinist bureaucracy, and to
reject the present course towards restoring capitalism in Cuba.

Cuba can and should be better defended and protected by a foreign
policy of support and solidarity with the struggling national
liberation movements and the left internationally, not by the
exchange of political commitments and praise with center-right
semi-colonial regimes such as that of Kirchner in Argentina or with
the social democrats, who are the political representatives of
European imperialism.

So happy he is, indeed, that he announced the creation 
of the UNIFIED Socialist Party (Partido Socialista Unificado).
If the name sounds familias, it is a mere coincidence, of course.

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