[Marxism] Re: News from the desk of Hugo Chavez

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 16 07:34:22 MST 2006


You missed my irony, because it wasn't any.  I just reported an  announcement
which I consider important.  The fact that Chavez decided to get rid of the MVR is important and the fact he announced the formation of a single party
representing his political views is also a significant step.

The name is reported as United Socialista Party of Venezuela, or United
Socialist Party or Unified Socialist Party... and I my guess is that the definitive
name will be a subject of some discussion, debate and yes, maybe controversy.

As far as I can tell, many cadre coming from old traditional formations, as
well as entire formations will be participating, including socialdemocrats,
traditional communists, radical tradeunion groups and popular organizations, etc

IMHO, it won't resemble outdated old formulas, otherwise it will fail and I
think Chavez knows this.  Among other things because Chavez has the
support, differently from other, previous political leaders of Latin America
from traditional communists, socialdemocrats and it is a considerable
Trotskyis leadership presence in the labor unions (they run the UNT,
by the way) who are also pro-Chavez.  That's a coctel of a different vintage.
But, again, we'll see.

Together with the possibilities of a civil war in Bolivia, those are the two more
important events happening today. I will be traveling for a month to both countries
in the very near future, so I will withhold definitive opinions until I see both
processes first hand.

That's why the lack of irony.

As to your request of old material, I received the request from another member
of the list before you and I'm aware of the project. I would tell you the same I
told him: I'm very busy right now, have deadlines with my publisher with whom
I'm into contractual obligations and I will be traveling extensively during the
Summer (December-March).

After that, I would look into it.

Thank you for asking, though...

Happy new year.

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