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Sat Dec 16 14:22:23 MST 2006


The first article can be archived via the Archive.org's Wayback Machine at:


or <http://tinyurl.com/yf8gsw>

The second article - which is entitled "Executions, immigration, embargo, US
provocations and Fidel Castro's political blunders" has not been archived by
Wayback, I do not know why. Nor is it archived anywhere else on the web that
I can find. However, you can access the Cuba page at the old SF-Frontlines
site via this link


or <http://tinyurl.com/yyltjt>

Most of the articles are archived in wayback, but not the one you were
looking for or teh one entitled "History of 40 years of US embargo against
Cuba "

Hope this helps.

Walter Lippman wrote:

The limited gains of the Cuban revolution: independence from the US;
public ownership of many of the elements of the economy; universal
and free health care and education and housing as a right, not a
privilege, as well as elimination of landlordism – among others – are
the gains that need to be defended against imperialism and
reactionaries, while at the same time Marxists advocate a political
revolution – not a social one – in Cuba for the working class and the
oppressed to exert direct power through their own institutions and
guarantee to stop the retreat of the revolution, now being
implemented with the re-introduction of capitalism and class
differentiation by Castro's government.
>From our side, we maintain our support for Cuba in the face of any
and all US attacks and provocations. We demand the lifting of the
embargo, the withdrawal of US troops from Guantanamo and the closing
of its terror-and-death camp there for good, and we will certainly
defend Cuba against any Imperial military threats or provocations.

But we insist that the best defense of Cuba is for the Cuban working
class to forge a democratic workers' republic, based on the rule of
their own organizations and not the Stalinist bureaucracy, and to
reject the present course towards restoring capitalism in Cuba.

Cuba can and should be better defended and protected by a foreign
policy of support and solidarity with the struggling national
liberation movements and the left internationally, not by the
exchange of political commitments and praise with center-right
semi-colonial regimes such as that of Kirchner in Argentina or with
the social democrats, who are the political representatives of
European imperialism.

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