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Sat Dec 16 18:27:09 MST 2006

Well, "out with the old and in with the new" seems to be the essence of this new
party Chavez has named, the PSU. Good, I hope it's something better than exists
now, especially on the electoral plan. This revolutionary Chavez as President,
then all the mass organizations, unions, the army, etc. What's missing is
something in the Parliamentary plain...it's a black-hole of bureaucrats and
wannabes, it seems, from what I've gleamed from the various presses there and
other sources. I've never heard anyone say anything *good* about Chavez's
supporters in the Venezuelan Congress. Maybe this new party, under new rules
with new members, etc will light a fire under everyone's ass.

I've head that it will include the Venezuelan Communist Party. That should make
it interesting, for better or for worse. The other party of interest is the
PSR, that will likely remain outside this new formation. The PSR is basically
the political caucus of the C-CURA majority tendency in the UNT. I have no idea
what they *actually do* besides offer press announcements, but they are worth
following because they represent the political perspectives of the UNT, which
is important, obviously. I'm sure Michael L. in Caracas will keep us informed.
Like a shot of tequila with plenty of salt on the wrist, I also look forward to
Carlos' sojourn there and reportage...

I think we've paid far to little attention to the goings on in Caracas on this
list. Maybe this will now change.


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