[Marxism] Monthly Review needs money!

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Dec 16 19:28:04 MST 2006


I've not been able to get money to MR yet, though I will.  I have offered to
send Louis money to help with Marxmail, but understand his desire to keep
himself as independent as possible of any strings.  I would do this at a
shot, because I really think this list--in the end--performs a great

I do appreciate the good work Swans does and can't honestly recall ever
being asked to contribute money to it.  Had I been at the particular time my
household could afford it, I probably would have been more than happy to do
so...despite the surliness of the editor.

Impatience is not helpful to any part of the movement, particularly not
impatience with your comrades.

Mark L.

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