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On 12/17/06, Lance Murdoch <lancemurdoch at gmail.com> wrote:
> Anyhow, the Guggenheim had a show of it years ago but no more.

There was one last year. The WSWS has a review:

"Long employed in the West to discredit Communism—a goal that the
curators of the exhibition certainly share—Socialist Realism here is
bizarrely rehabilitated.

"It is given an adjoining gallery, in addition to space in the
Guggenheim's main rotunda, with a companion exhibition, "Reflections:
Socialist Realism and Russian Art," taken from the Museum of Russian
Art in Minneapolis, thrown in for good measure in the museum's Sackler
Center. [..]"

Back on "the main stage": Russian art at the Guggenheim Museum—part 2
By Clare Hurley
16 January 2006

Full: <http://www.wsws.org/articles/2006/jan2006/russ-j16.shtml>

> I couldn't find any socialist realist stuff in New York City, nor
> post-revolution stuff like Suprematism.

There's  an upcoming one in Boston, though:

"Designing the Modern Utopia: Soviet Textiles from the Lloyd Cotsen

       Through January 21 2007

"The figurative art of Soviet socialist realism has recently claimed
attention previously reserved for the Russian avant-garde—think of the
spectacular socialist realism room in the recent "Russia!" exhibition
at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. So this show of more
than one hundred figurative Soviet textiles and drawings made between
1927 and 1933 is particularly timely. Unlike Russian Constructivist
textiles, with their familiar geometric patterns, these works feature
abstracted but legible tractors, airplanes, harvesting peasants, and
children playing ball. What can the little figures on these fetching
fabrics tell us about life in the USSR under Stalin? The catalogue,
with an essay by Soviet-art scholar Pamela Kachurin (who is cocurating
the exhibition with the MFA's Alex Huff), should help provide an

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