[Marxism] Moderator's note

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Dec 19 12:44:29 MST 2006

>What's the difference between what Cort does and whqat others like WL and NG,
>etc are doing?

I am not sure who NG is, but Walter Lippmann is not a member of some 
self-declared vanguard party. I also have no objection to links to 
the In Defense of Marxism website as long as it is balanced by 
original contributions. Furthermore, I think I removed Cort from the 
list (or some other IDOM member) about 3 years ago for the same reason.

>The only difference, it seems, is that Cort's tendency is doing some political
>work in Venezuela -- in the class struggle for what it matters -- and is
>informing of some interesting developments they are involved there.

I have never said word one about Jorge Martin, have I? I just don't 
want somebody using Marxmail in the way that 
misc.activism.progressive or the Greenleft mailing list is used.

>If he overdo it, I would agree with some kind of sanction, but it 
>seems his/her
>posts are few and between.

That's true. But the issue is not frequency but persistence. I have 
told him privately at least 3 times to vary his input, but he keeps 
ignoring me.

>I have to say that I have no sympathies for Alan Woods tendency since it
>seems oriented towards populists and so forth but, I find Cort's postings

I also post material from their website as well, as well as WSWS. I 
just can't accept Marxist-Leninist bots here.

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