[Marxism] White House and military at odds on Iraq

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Tue Dec 19 17:21:16 MST 2006

Dear IR,

the bit I don't quite get and I do wish Fred would comment on this, is that the "surge" option would appear to being sold to the SCIRI -al-Maliki axis as a way of taking out the Sadrists.

But the lead of SCIRI, al-Hakim, is pro-Iranian.  So this amounts to a de facto alliance with Iran of the kind that prevailed with the invasion of Afghanistan.

Having al-Hakim at the White House is the equivalent of having Ahmadinejad there himself.

Do the Iranians think that by helping the Americans in Iraq to get rid of al-Sadr, that they will a] get rid of an anti-Iranian nationalist and b] win brownie points with the USA?

If so they are miscalulating badly.  Iran will be bombed. It is only a question of when.



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