[Marxism] New Paraguay Left to Win Next Vote

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 19 23:20:31 MST 2006

(I know nothing about Paraguay beyond that its capital city is 
called Asuncion and it used to be run by a dictator by the name
of Alfredo Stroessner.)

New Paraguay Left to Win Next Vote

Asuncion, Dec 19 (Prensa Latina) Agrarian reform, energy sovereignty
and rejection of foreign troops are the main points of a new
political movement, Tekojoja, that has arisen as an alternative to
traditional Paraguayan parties and is predicted to win the next

Tekojoja, which means equality in Guarani, and was founded in this
South American nation to boost the candidacy of Monseignor Fernando
Lugo for the presidential elections of 2008.

In addition to a representation in Asuncion, the group has a broad
social base made of landless campesinos, indigenous people and left
wing sectors.

Ultima Hora reported that its declaration of principles identify it
within a socialist line.

Lugo has announced his resignation from religious life to allow to
devote himself full time to politics, and has a list of 100 thousand

The Paraguay Constitution prohibits a religious minister from
occupying the presidency.

He also admitted that he would like to have a woman accompany him on
the ticket as vice president.

According to ABC Color, the Paraguayan scene is moving towards a
change because of the crisis of the traditional parties.

That entity s national survey gave the 55-year-old bishop a majority
against President Nicanor Duarte if elections were held now.

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New Paraguay Political Organization Sets Priorities

ASUNCION, December 18.- An agrarian revolution, energy sovereignty
and a "no" to foreign troops are the main goals of a new political
movement born in Paraguay on Monday.


Tekojoja is the party's Guarani indigenous name meaning equality. The
new organization hopes to promote the candidacy of Monsignor Fernando
Lugo in the 2008 presidential elections, reported Prensa Latina.

Besides having representation in Asuncion, the Paraguayan capital,
Tekojoja begins with a broad social base comprised of landless
farmers, indigenous people and leftwing sectors throughout the

A declaration of principles was approved on the final day of the
founding assembly as well as the movement's statutes, which lean
towards socialism, reported the Ultima Hora newspaper.

To make his candidacy viable, Lugo announced he would soon resign
from religious life to fully dedicate himself to politics. The
Paraguayan constitution prohibits those holding religious posts from
becoming candidates.

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