[Marxism] Argentina: Kirchner's police smash student demo

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Wed Dec 20 07:49:13 MST 2006

Two pieces of information:

a) On Petroni's "info" re: police brutality against mass of B.Aires 

This by Petroni is MISINFORMATION at its highest.

The Universidad de Buenos Aires contains students for the 100,000s. 
It is one of the largest in the world. The ultra-leftist militancy 
that took the leadership of the students' movement (the FUBA) are an 
irrepresentative minority (the amount of "students" gathered there 
was of less than 1,000, all of them directly linked to the two 
fractions of "Trotskyism" in Buenos Aires: the PTS and the PO. The 
Maoist PCR, out of their full misunderstanding of issues in Argentina 
more than out of sheer anti-Peronism such as the former two, is also 
a member of that "leadership".

This "students' representation" that no student seriously recognizes 
(or even KNOWS) as such, basically aims at 

(a) overthrowing Peronists and 

(b) keeping themselves safe in their business (you would be appalled 
if I told you the myriad dirty agreements and rents these 
"Bolsheviks" obtain by turning the students'movement into a service-
offering organization -exactly in the way the Menemist unionists 
turned their unions into "service offering organizations"!)

Thus, for long months and months, they bullied the representative 
authorities of the University and made it impossible to replace the 
remnants of the Alfonsín age in the governance of the institution by 
the easy method of cramming the sessions of the University Assembly 
(the body that elects the Rector of the U) with roaring and what-else-
you-want-to-know "students" who did not allow the University 
institutions to act normally.

Since they were not really represented outside the walls they 
themselves built between the world and the FUBA, they did not want 
the normal authorities to replace the Rector. They had no power nor 
representativity at all, of course, to replace the Rector themselves. 
Thus, their conclusion: then, no Rector. Let the University crumble 
down, let us leave hundred of thousands of mostly poor petty 
bourgeois students without institution.

For example: if the new Rector had not been elected, U personnel 
would have been in dire straits to cash their wages next term.

In fact, what these "ultralefts" wanted to do was to stop the whole U 
until their own impositions were accepted unconditionally.

As a result, and after countless attempts to meet at the premises of 
the U, as was mandatory, the U authorities agreed to hold their 
meeting in some protected area, and chose the House of Congress. The 
"leftists" had hijacked the U from its own constituency by making it 
impossible to elect a normal Rectorate, so that it was necessary to 
take an "ilegal" -but LEGITIMATE- move like holding the meeting 
outside the premises of the U (where there is no authority to enforce 
the normal development of events, and these develop only due to the 
agreement of all to follow the rules -an agreement the FUBA 
leadership did NOT accept).

In their impotence to make the new meeting impossible, this ultra-
left leadership that kidnapped the FUBA from actual students created 
a situation of provocations, etc. And now they have, at last, what 
they wanted: there is a Rector in the U of Buenos Aires (on whose 
record and first moves I have lots to say, but will refrain myself 
because, precisely, I won't add wood to the politically criminal fire 
of the ultra-left), but this has cost something, at least, to the 
government. Now, they have their "martyrs". They can erode the public 
image of Kirchner. Which serves -the US Embassy, for example...

These "leftists" are the self and same guys who remained safely away 
from the core of the 19th december mobilisations (yesterday evening 
we had a years' end meeting at the Centro Arturo Jauretche in Buenos 
Aires, where many of the present had been on the hot streets that 
night 5 years ago) "taking care of their red flags" around the 
Obelisco of Buenos Aires, while the struggle (and death) took place 
in Plaza de Mayo and Avenida de Mayo. Now, they have obtained their 
"martyrs" by a normal detention of rabble rousers, and now begin to 
advertise the world over that they have been victims of police 

The undersigned, by the way, thought that it was more interesting to 
subject them to the actual form of the dictatorship of the 
proletariat  that is possible in Argentina, which would have been to 
rally around the Congress members of the working class -the UBA is 
the single University of note that their children can ever expect to 
attend-: hundreds and thousands of workers, an "observation army" of 
the people called to the House of Congress by their representative 
institutions of the class (to begin with, the CGT, and CTA also). 
This would have prevented these stupid windbags from even approaching 
the House of Congress.

The government, as it was to be expected from a Peronist government, 
chose to resort to the "normal" institutions of the State, and thus 
the "left" obtained a victory: some of the stupid -to be mild- 
provocateurs got in prison for a  night. The easiest way to martyrdom 
you can find.



b) On something Petroni doesn't even know that happened, or, if he 
knows, is for him worthless (in its enormous importance)

For the first time in 400 years, the University of Córdoba chose a 
woman for Rector. This is a giant stride ahead in our country, since 
it was less than ten years ago that the High School Colegio de 
Monserrat, a traditional institution of that town which depends on 
the University, finally accepted the acceptance of girls, not without 
a scandal by the parents of the students who did not want to lose 
their "traditionally male high school". Of course, the Córdoba ultra-
left aped their Buenos Aires counterpart, but had less luck and less 
media coverage. 

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