[Marxism] Re: Argentina: Kirchner's police smash student demo

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 20 08:59:44 MST 2006


Aren't you tired of this game of adapting reality to your own political designs and
slander the left?

Let's see:

You wrote:

"The Universidad de Buenos Aires contains students for the 100,000s.
It is one of the largest in the world. The ultra-leftist militancy
that took the leadership of the students' movement (the FUBA) are an
irrepresentative minority (the amount of "students" gathered there
was of less than 1,000, all of them directly linked to the two
fractions of "Trotskyism" in Buenos Aires: the PTS and the PO."

Obviously, you know very little about the university.

There are exactly 295.000 students, 6.450 teachers and professors
and 30.000 non teachers workers at the University of Buenos

The elections for the FUBA (student federation) are not
obligatory and about 45.000 voted.

Of those, approximately 60% voted for the left groups, about
20% for the UCR (radical party, a bourgeois party)7%
8% for right wing social democrats (MNR and others)and 12%
for various peronists pro-government groups.

Most people who gathered in this protest were from MST, PO
and PCR, with few from PTS.  All arested belong to the MST.

None of these groups are ultraleftists. If anything I would
characterize them as socialdemocratized socialist parties.

You wrote:

"The Maoist PCR, out of their full misunderstanding of issues in Argentina 
more than out of sheer anti-Peronism such as the former two, is also 
a member of that "leadership".

The PCR (maoists) effectively is part of the leadership of FUBA
but not the PTS which is very small there.  It is true that
the PCR is not anti-peronist, since they supported the right
wing, death squad-ridden government of Isabel Peron and Lopez
Rega, and is true that you may consider PO and PTS as anti-Peronists
but not the MST which is in a front with Peronist dissidents
like Mario Cafiero or Walsh (the daughter of murdered Peronist
journalist Rodolfo Walsh) among others.

You wrote:

"This "students' representation" that no student seriously recognizes 
(or even KNOWS) as such, basically aims at"

Well, some tens of thousands actually do.
You wrote:

"(b) keeping themselves safe in their business (you would be appalled
if I told you the myriad dirty agreements and rents these
"Bolsheviks" obtain by turning the students'movement into a
service-offering organization -exactly in the way the Menemist unionists
turned their unions into "service offering organizations"!)"


Student unions control a budget of about $150.000 dollars
which are the result of concessions of cafes and copy centers
at the universities.  Hardly the basis for "big businesses"
and much less to compare them with the corrupt Menem's
nationall government that privatize the state, dealt in
businesses from arms trafficking and drugs to big bribes
for infrastructure projects.

you wrote:

"'Thus, for long months and months, they bullied the representative
authorities of the University and made it impossible to replace the
remnants of the Alfonsín age in the governance of the institution by
the easy method of cramming the sessions of the University Assembly 
(the body that elects the Rector of the U) with roaring and what-else-
you-want-to-know "students" who did not allow the University 
institutions to act normally."

Actually, this is completely erroneous. Before Hallu was elected
Rector, eight other candidates were offered, included two very
close to Alfonsin (Alterini is one) and supported by Kirchner.
Those candidates were forced to quit because the student protests.

You wrote:

"Thus, their conclusion: then, no Rector. Let the University crumble 
down, let us leave hundred of thousands of mostly poor petty 
bourgeois students without institution."


This is, of course, an slander against the student left groups.
Only 5 days of classes in three of the 11 faculties were
interrupted because the 8-month long struggle.  And if anybody
is curtailing the right of students to study for free, that's
the government which introduced new payments for courses and
transfer more and more subjects to the paid courses now
in effect.

You wrote:

"For example: if the new Rector had not been elected, U personnel 
would have been in dire straits to cash their wages next term."


Not true. Because students and some workers protests, the
University HAVE NO RECTOR  for the last 8 months.  Workers
received their wages without interruption because the faculty
Deans are authorized, for the most part, to pay them and,
in cases were they aqre not, the Vice-Recto did it.

Moreover, because some protests and struggles against non
teachers, workers received about 23% wage increases in the
last months, in the middle of the crisis and struggle and
without a Rector.

You wrote:

"These "leftists" are the self and same guys who remained safely away 
from the core of the 19th december mobilisations (yesterday evening 
we had a years' end meeting at the Centro Arturo Jauretche in Buenos 
Aires, where many of the present had been on the hot streets that 
night 5 years ago) "taking care of their red flags" around the 
Obelisco of Buenos Aires, while the struggle (and death) took place 
in Plaza de Mayo and Avenida de Mayo." \


This is a complete slander. Most left organizations were
on the streets from the beginning and some fought bravely.
The main demonstration for
conmemorating those events are TODAY, not yesterday and there will be
thousands today. Most of them from the left parties.

I have to assume, for what you wrote, that you support
the repression against students that occurred.

While I don't endorse the strategy of the FUBA
federation and I have lots of criticisms of their politics,
and strategy, I would never dream to endorse support or ignore
the repression that left 20 people wounded and some other arrested.

And if you don't support repression, you better be clearer
when you write.

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