[Marxism] White House and military at odds on Iran

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Wed Dec 20 16:16:59 MST 2006

I am not at all sure if I disagree with any of this. Perhpas only in terms of emphasis.  But what I would really like Phil is to think thru the relationship of the Iraq disaster to the "New Imperialism" which he mentioned some time ago.  You see I think Iraq was of course a blunder but I also think there was a plan behind it: a crazy plan but nevertheless a plan.

I largely take the neo-cons at their word when they say they wanted to reconstruct the ME along "democratic" ie New Imperialist lines.  I do think they wanted a break with the Trogs - esp in Egypt & Saudi Arabia.

However they soon found that their position in Iraq could only be sustained through an alliance with the leading Trog - Ali al-Sistani.

So it has all turned out to be an incredible disaster.  But will rationality kick in now? If it does then they should be negotiating with Syria and Iran.  But I am not at all sure that will happen. I cannot see why the mob in the White House will not continue to blunder.  They now seem to me to be using the fear of defeat in the Middle East to bludgeon their critics into submission.  If Bush goes with the surge option that will be a sign that his critics have been at least temporarily defeated.

Meanwhile back of all this is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Jonathan Cook's argument that Israel seeks to keep the entire region in a state of civil war may be correct. Within the context of that argument an attack on Iran would seem logical.

I chose the word 'logical' deliberately because of course the overriding temptation is to label all that is happening as madness. Partly this is due to the fact that none of this makes any sense in economic terms.  Oil is a of course a factor but like Phil I am not at all certain it is the determining one. Perhaps what we are seeing is the chaos that inevitably ensues when we have "politics in command". For this is a war dreamed up by political theorists - the brightest of the American Right. But this new crop of mandarins has turned out to be no better than the crop that brought us the Vietnam War.



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