[Marxism] Argentina

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 20 16:46:54 MST 2006

>This Friday another Argentine film, FAMILY LAW opens which deals
>with father-son conflicts. I had those issues, and am also Jewish so
>this film has already grabbed me from the often-repeated trailer.
>Walter Lippmann
>Los Angeles, California

I watched a screener of this film yesterday and was somewhat 
disappointed since I had greater expectations from the director 
responsible for "Waiting for the Messiah". I can recommend it as long 
as you are prepared for a rather inconsequential character study of 
middle-class Jews in Argentina done with a very dry comic touch. It 
is filled with the quiet, daily interactions of a Jewish lawyer, his 
law professor son in his 30s, his gentile wife who is a Pilates 
instructor and their young son. I found watching the film almost 
equivalent to listening to my neighbor's conversations through the 
ventilator. Fascinating, but not for 140 minutes. 

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