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Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 20 17:26:51 MST 2006

"This discussion about the students and the cops is almost
impossible to  make sense out of unless you are in


Not at all.  Unless, of course, you're that famous French
Marxist philosopher during the French May days who said
"in a confrontation between cops and students I side with
the cops... they are at least workers."

Or of course, you believe that the government in place is
the true representative of the workking class and
revolutionaries and maintain that the students are
the nest of counter-revolutionary white armies paid by
the imperialists to destabilize the revolution.


"A more profitable discussion  would be about whether the
left should support Kirchner or not, especially  since this
is presumably the real underlying issue."


The existing left in Argentina does not support the
government and are divided between those who oppose it
frontally and those who are "tactical" about it.

When we talk about the students, the federation is run
by soft and hard opponents of the government which only
unites on the struggle against privatization, to preserve
free and universal education and democratize how the
university is ran.

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