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Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Wed Dec 20 20:49:19 MST 2006

As to Louis's request to avoid stupid debates on the details of the 
students and students' movement in Buenos Aires, I couldn't agree 
more.  However, it is not only a matter of "debating support to a 
bourgeois regime", as Proyect -in the best of his good will- 
supposes, but also of debating why the Arg (particularly Buenos 
Aires) student movement, so important once, is now reduced to such a 
pathetic grouplet of activists. In order to establish this issue, not 
a minor one in itself, one must begin by challenging the effort of 
misinformation by Popetroni. This will be my last posting on the 
issue, but I want to state some things very clearly.

1) Petty criticisms by Popetroni: of course I may have my figures 
outdated. Not that I couldn't have them right if I had the time to 
waste in Popetroni's "factualities", but does it actually matter that 
much whether the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) has 200 000, 300 
000 or 500 000 students? Isn't it enough to say that it has the 
unbelievable amount of "more than 100 000", and to establish the 
social class to which they belong?. 

I also know the cronology of rejections of different candidates to 
Rector, and at any rate I might easily read it from the archives of 
any mainstream newspaper here. I may also ask my comrades who are 
active in the UBA for all and every detail of the process, 
particularly the intransigence of the "Left" when a candidate most 
palatable to them was proposed, which intransigence turned that 
candidate (who I did not dislike, in principle) into a non-votable 

And I ALSO know the vicious practices of the copy centers in the 
Faculties, particularly in the most "leftist" faculties, something 
Popetroni will of course never admit. But this is a central fact in 
the current Arg political landscape: the complete moral breakdown of 
a "Left" which does not find a way out of its own gorilla view of 
things, not to say worse things which I prefer not to comment abroad. 

2) On "ultra-lefts", I agree with Popetroni, they are anything but 
reformists clad "sans-culotte", but this is the story with every 
ultra-left, Popetroni included. And this is why it does not matter if 
the actual acronym of the various outfits is PTS, MTS, MST, PST, PO 
or PUTA (as would result from their unity in a Partido Unificado de 
los Trabajadores Argentinos), since they all split over issues that 
lack any interest to mainstream Arg politics. On the main issues, 
they are all in full agreement, and in principle, they simply provide 
the "Leftist" arguments that fit the necessities of the anti-national 
bloc. Period. 

3) All this that Popetroni raises against my supposed "ignorance" is 
immaterial against my core contention: that for long months there 
were just 1000 (or less) militants kidnapping the election of the 
authorities of the UBA from its "normal, bourgeois" route without 
offering a better one. And Popetroni simply stresses their loneliness 
and irrepresentativity when he reminds all of us of something I had 
kept in silence due to simple charity: that this leadership had been 
voted by 45 000 students. 

4) This is the main political fact Popetroni does not want to tell to 
Marxmailers, and this is why he misinforms them:

Why didn't the leadership bring those 45 000 students to any of their 
mobilisations, in spite of their vociferous, heart rending efforts? 
Why couldn't they reach their hearts and souls, although they turned 
the passageways of Facultades such as Sociales or Filosofía true 
labyrinths of cardboard and painted paper? They were completely 
isolated in their protests, that is they couldn't bring to the 
streets _their_ mass of voters.


Well, in my own humble opinion, they reaped what they had sown: they 
_used_ those votes, in a most _bourgeois_ manner, to get to a 
"position" (again, in the most bourgeois of the possible senses) 
which they don't want to lose. In fact they couldn't care less for 
what the actual students think, need or want, and thus generate 
complete demobilisation and indifference not only of the more than 
100,000 students of the University but particularly of the more than 
40,000 that had participated in those elections that brought us to 
this "leadership".

That leadership presented this Rector issue as a life-or-death 
choice[1]. Their voters should have mobilised in reply to so urgent a 
request for action. But they are lords of flies, listening to the 
echo of their own slogans, screamed once and again at the mouth of a 
deep pit. It is the same "representativity" of the "Peoples'  
assemblies" who thought they were Soviets but couldn't issue an order 
to the policeman at the corner. 

Whatever the petty contentions Popetroni may make, this is a rock he 
stumbles against once and again: the debate on the representativity 
of this "Left wing vanguard" who can't mobilise even its own voters 
for an election that they presented as a matter of life and death is 
settled. And it was the voters themselves who provided the evidence 
Popetroni so "cleverly" wants presented _on other issues_.

The above said, however, I will bow to Proyect's suggestion and not 
write to the list on Popetroni's fabrications again. I have really 
important things to do. The subscribers to this list are fully aware 
of the relative worthiness of both Popetroni and yours truly.


[1] For some among them, certainly, it may have been a life-and-death 
issue, due to the reasons I commented on the posting that Popetroni 
defines as "slanderous". Time will speak on THAT issue, and I won't 
be sad if my suspicions are proven unfounded (but the fact that the 
"Left" behaved worse than a bourgeois towards the people who worked 
at the copy centers before they got there, is FACT, that is not 

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