[Marxism] The incredible disappearing Latino (was: David Bacon...)

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Thu Dec 21 06:00:18 MST 2006

--- Joaquin Bustelo <jbustelo at bellsouth.net> wrote:

> Heading over to workers.org of the WWP, there is nothing on these
> raids, but
> two articles on the front page talk about immigration issues. One is
> about a
> protest mounted by the IAC against Lou Dobbs, who is described as
> "anti-immigrant" and "racist" several times, but the FACT that the
> targets
> of his constant baiting are Latinos is nowhere mentioned.

Are you nuts? I mean seriously, I know you've been having fun beating
the Left up with this stuff, but now you've just decided to abandon
reality completely.

Here's what workers.org ACTUALLY has on their website right now:

"Solidarity needed: Racist ICE raids terrorize immigrants" - yeah, real
ambiguity there! No, wait, I'm sure the WWP comrades just put a
nice-sounding article on an article that's completely "workerist."
Let's see what it ACTUALLY says, as opposed to the Bustelo

Many are pointing out the racist nature of these attacks. The Hispanic
National Bar Association reported on Dec. 18 that “’non-Latinos’ and
light-skinned employees were provided blue wristbands which exempted
them from questioning, while ‘Latinos,’ persons perceived to be of
Hispanic or Latino origin, underwent immigration processing. ... The
serious concern is the use of police and immigration officials to sort
amongst workers and determine upon unknown criteria who is Latino, and
then to assume that all persons perceived to be Latinos are illegal.”

Yeah, they *completely* miss the point, there. Of course, if you read
the paper regularly you'd realize that your criticisms are completely
unfounded, but hey! Why bother with facts when you've got a perfectly
good high horse to ride in on?

Adam L

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