[Marxism] White House and military at odds on Iraq

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Thu Dec 21 18:10:51 MST 2006

Actually, the real achilles heal is the fact that Washington may 
control the skies and drop as many bombs as it likes, but it doesn't 
control the ground.

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>Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 06:48:28 +1000 (EST)
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>Subject: Re: [Marxism] White House and military at odds on Iraq
>They worked perfectly in the first Gulf War of 1990, but the Achilles Heel was
>always the Vietnam factor. The necessary military mobilisation of 
>American society
>to establish and win the occupation of a foreign country requires a national
>consensus that simply does not exist, 9/11 not withstanding.
>So now we are come to this.  We are hearing repeated warnings from 
>the Bush team
>that the price of defeat in Iraq is too great.  Here in Oz, Prime 
>Minister acts as a
>faithful echo.

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