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Popetroni: the copy centers issue was a scandal, and everyone but its 
perpetrators knows it. 

It does not matter if it was _this_ year or the year when the "Left" 
arrived at the position they took and will try not to lose. They 
fired those who did not toe to their line. Then, they raised the 
income of those benefitted by the spoils system. This is despicable. 
And this is what they did. Your "facts" are an attempt to cover the 
basic issue with irrelevant data. I know that tactics from very far 
away, and, alas, since very long ago.

As to the mobilisations, and their size, of course your figures are a 
scandal, too. Ah, and by the way, do you know what did Pier Paolo 
Pasolini say of the students who threw stones at the police under a 
democratic state, without provocation by the police?

OTOH, I am glad you liked the story I told about _you_ and others in 
Mar del Plata. I am also glad that you call it a "fantasy", which is 
the best confirmation it could obtain. And I am sad you did not find 
your own face in the photograph. Don't abuse my good will towards 
your person, Popetroni.

Give me a better account of the Bronzinist town than the one I made. 
Then, you can speak about "fantasies". It so happens that I know my 
country very well, and I _can_ fly high above minute facts in short 
mails. If you want more details you can go to my national award 
winning "El crecimiento urbano en la Argentina". Mar del Plata was, 
and its middle classes somehow still are, one of the jewels in the 
old semicolonial order. Luckily enough, its working class has saved 
the honor of the city by giving us someone so hated by you as Hugo 

Fantasy, indeed!

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> Well, that's the problem. You have no idea what are you
> talking about.
> First the winners of this year's university elections ARE
> So, there had been no changes in personnel, generally
> speaking and it is only ONE complaint from workers at
> one faculty (out of 11) in one cafeteria (out of 14) where
> two workers complained against PO, the left group in 
> the majority there, because they did not received some
> of their promised benefits.
> Workers who received the raise and some additional benefits
> are NOT linked to the students but were the 30.000 university
> workers (the non-teaching employees) who you asserted falsely
> were in danger of not receiving their wages because the
> students blocked the election of the new rector.
> They did, augmented by a 23%.
> Now, after all these discussions, it is not clear for me
> how a self-called Marxist could support the beating up of
> students by the cops.
> Amazing.
> PS: stick to pieces of geological and political fiction
> as the one you wrote a week or so ago.  You do much better
> on those! Was really good... seriously.

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