[Marxism] Argentinazo: 5th Anniversary

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 22 02:41:31 MST 2006

Last December 20th was commemorated the overthrow of UCR's government of De La Rua by a mass and popular uprising. Most of the left and piquetero organizations, as well as some of the remaining neighborhood assemblies created in that occasion participated in the march and rally at Plaza de Mayo.

Press reports put the figure of participants at 15.000.

Here is an article and a photo gallery from the demonstration:

Speeches were mostly about the events then and also lots of criticisms of the present government policies, particularly in the lack of action to find kidnapped star witness for the prosecution of genocide Etchecolatz three months ago, the repression of students last week and various economic demands.

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