[Marxism] On the 5th anniversary

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Fri Dec 22 05:10:15 MST 2006

As an antidote to recent misinfo, I suggest that Marxmail members 
read the list archives, where they will find the on-the-spot reports 
I sent from Buenos Aires 5 years ago.  

But first things first: for the first time in long months, Popetroni 
has not misinformed. Yes, there has been a mobilisation of the "Left" 
in commemoration of the 19 and 20. It wasn't as large as he states, 
and in fact almost nobody paid attention to it, but OK, let the kids 

However, there IS a lie in the whole thing. To begin with, there was 
not an "Argentinazo" in 2001. The mobilisations are widely known here 
as "cacerolazo" (for the pan-banging which threw De La Rúa and 
Cavallo to the dustbin). When the "Argentinazos" come, they find the 
"Left" on the other side; e.g., October 17 1945. But this is not a 
lie, this is just a misnaming, a result of deep ignorance of the 
great currents of our history.

The lie is more important. With the Cacerolazo is happening exactly 
what happened with the Cordobazo of 1969: a self-appointed "Left", 
which had little or nothing to do with it, kidnaps it from actual 

In Córdoba, 1969, the "Left" was "going to the neighborhoods" and 
rejected the general strike that had been called by the "union 
bureaucrats". People, instead, went to the strike and marched into 
the town, the "union bureaucrats" together with the new student 
leadership in the embattled streets of the city core, while the 
"Left" found the neighborhoods empty. 

In the "Cacerolazo" of 2001, the "Left" (particularly that which 
gathered itself in the mobilisation this week) had little if any 
organizative influence, and in fact during the 19th and 20th they 
were very busy keeping their large red flags more than half a mile 
away from the place where the events took place.

In Argentina, where we have LIVED THROUGH THE FACT, nobody but 
themselves believes them. But, of course, this is not the case with 
foreign readers. Marxmail subscribers are lucky, however, since _I_ 
was present at the mobilisations of 19th and 20th personally, and I 
can testify that the "Left" kept itself far away from the heated core 
of the events (save for Deputies Zamora and Ripoll, who at least 
reached Plaza de Mayo), around the Obelisco.

Popetroni may, of course, quote Marx: "Will you believe _me_ or _your 
own eyes_????!!!" 

The quote comes, of course, from the Marxist line he follows: the one 
organized as a sectarian cult around that great philosopher and 
political analyst _Groucho_ Marx!

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