[Marxism] The incredible disappearing Latino (was: David Bacon...)

gregory meyerson gmeyerson at triad.rr.com
Fri Dec 22 06:32:04 MST 2006

the left can't stomach latinos in general being more advanced than 
their white counterparts?

  I (I'm a leftist too) would have thought that it was OBVIOUS that 
Latino/a nonelites were more advanced than their white 
counterparts--especially in the U.S:  understanding that we avoid 
romanticizing one section of the non elite and demonizing the 
other--note the avoidance of the term "working class" in order to avoid 
more spurious discussion.

I have long assumed--with many of my leftist friends--that euro 
americans were in general more won to individualism, militarism, 
patriotism, racism, capitalism, market nonsense and anticommunism than 
were Latino/a people in the U.S.--for all sorts of fairly 
straightforward historical reasons.  I'd be frankly amazed if such 
assertions made the u.s. left puke, as you suggest.  It also seems 
obvious to me that the immigrant led movement against sweeps, homeland 
detentions, for better working conditions for workers facing some of 
the most oppressive environments, etc., is a major bright spot.

on the other hand, if this truth is allowed to feed the currents of 
racial essentialism to which joaquin seems occasionally prone--well, 
yeah, this leftist can't stomach it.

btw, the idea that multiracial unity would mean waiting for the most 
retrograde elements of the union movement (who would likely be 
euroamerican) to come around resembles no understanding of the concept 
with which I am familiar.  mr working class unity is a response to 
divide and conquer mechanisms as well as to the ethical needs of 

now of course, if one thinks white workers benefit from all those 
things (steve did not say this but joaquin says it--I think) mentioned 
in my second paragraph, then mr unity involving euroamericans would 
make a lot less sense.  for all practical purposes, no sense.

On Dec 22, 2006, at 4:18 AM, Steve Palmer wrote:

> If this means anything more than being used as passive sheep, soaked 
> for union
> fees and herded by union bureaucrats, I'd love to know what it is. 
> What the US
> left can't stomach is that Latinos are more advanced, in general, than 
> their
> white counterparts. It is a matter of the union 'movement' - a dubious 
> word for
> something generally so constipated - coming over to the side of 
> Latinos, blacks
> etc. In fact, it is the Latino community above all who have 
> re-invigorated
> sections of the union movement.

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