[Marxism] Damon calls Shepherd relevant to today

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 22 12:08:13 MST 2006

>Of course this doesn't guarantee that it's any good as a movie.
>It might be good or it might be dreck. I notice that other than
>the review by Ken Turan in today's L.A. Times, a number of the
>other reviews I've seen so far are panning it as a turkey. I plan
>to see the movie soon. A link to the discouraging review in the
>New York Times is posted below
>Walter Lippmann
>Dec. 22, 2006, 9:03AM
>Damon calls Shepherd relevant to today
>New film explores the old days of CIA
>Newhouse News Service

AMC decided not to give press passes to NYFCO from now on, so I will now 
more than ever think twice about seeing something like this, especially 
when I have to shell out $11. I would only say the same thing I told my 
wife last night, when she asked if this might be a good film with 
Damon--one of our favorites--in the leading role and DeNiro directing. I 
said that you can't make a decent movie without a decent script. Eric Roth, 
the screenwriter, has 2 movies to his credit--so to speak. The first was 
"Forrest Gump" and the second was "Munich", not an auspicious beginning, 
I'm afraid.

Hollywood has never made a decent movie about spooks as anti-heroes. It 
screwed up Graham Greene's "The Quiet American" twice and has never done 
justice to LeCarre material except of course for "The Spy Who Came in from 
the Cold".



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