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Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Fri Dec 22 14:53:28 MST 2006

This is all my answer to Popetroni's attempts at disinformation. The 
story by Pablo Malizzia (not me, just a simple boy on the streets) 
can be seen on TV, too. 

On the evening and night of Dec 19th, I was there, too. I would 
really like to know where was Petroni. What I can tell you is that 
the "Left" was NOT. Many of its supporters, perhaps, but as 
Argentineans, not as "Leftists" (that is, in their best side). 

On Dec 20th, since I worked at less than 200 meters of Plaza de Mayo, 
and the place where I worked was one of the few which opened up the 
doors to the mass when the police charged over them, I could actually 
_see_ some activists of the "Left" at the premises trying to 
establish "permanent revolution" in a strenuous effort to force one 
of the union leaders (of ATE) to go further than the security 
personnel at the door: not only had they to give shelter to the 
masses, if they did not want to be traitors to the working class they 
also HAD to take all the workers at the building to the raging and 
murdering streets (if anyone got murdered by the bullets of the 
police, who cares, it was the same "union bureaucrats" that they 
despise who would take people out into the wilderness). 

I can bring witness that, true, I almost hit one of those "leftists-
on-other-people's-shoulders" on the nose, a most impolitical thing to 
do. Two or three had to LITERALLY hold me from running on the guy. 
And everybody agreed with me, save for the "Leftists", of course (I 
admit that some among them were brave enough to go to the streets 
themselves and join the mobilisation).

You can belie me as much as you want, Popetroni . Your rotten meat 
will not pass on Marxmail unchallenged.

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