[Marxism] Buenos Aires: New university Rector attacks workers

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 22 18:50:27 MST 2006

Well, the new University Rector, Hellu's first acts after he used the cops to get
elected was... to suspend payment of wages to university workers (30.000);
scrap the raises won two months ago through struggle and split December's
salries in two parts: first half to be paid next week (after Christhmas) and
the second half in January.

Of course, his office was surrounded yesterday by a crowd of angry workers
who almost beat the shit out of him (I mean, literally, and these are the
workers who serve HIS office).

Assemblies are now taking place and workers meetings are discussing
strike.  Some localized stoppages took place yesterday and today.

Talk about scrooge! First he asked the cops to beat the students and now
he is attacking workers' rights.

PS: Nestor, you're right.  I don't believe you and I think your credibility here
has achieved the level it has in Argentina as well.

Happy new year!

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