[Marxism] National question

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Sat Dec 23 12:05:18 MST 2006

Charles Brown says in relation to my comments on the 1913 Bolshevik pamphlet
on Marxism and the National Question, "CB: Indeed, lets get that compulsory
'anti-Stalinist' declaration  out of the way so we can have some serious

CB: Before that I had said

Charles: "I don't know if Joaquin is proposing that Latino/as constitute a
nation within the U.S., with full rights of national self-determination and
secession." (etc.)

Therein I am thinking of Lenin's articles on national liberation and
self-determination, oppressor and oppressed nations. I don't think Lenin's
discussion of these issues is as problematic and controversial as a basis
for discussion here as Stalin's articles. So, lets just discuss these issues
based on Lenin's articles, and others besides Stalin.

Of course, we must update Lenin's discussion with Castro's and a number of

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