[Marxism] Immigrants Go From Farms to Jails, and a Climate of Fear Settles In

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sun Dec 24 08:20:47 MST 2006

Jon Flanders wrote:
> A reign of terror in upstate New York that reminds me of the
> days of slavery. We have our work cut out for us here.

of course this takes place in an area that has been economically rundown
for over a generation.

> “It serves as a polarizing force in communities,” said Mary Jo Dudley,
> who directs the Cornell Farmworker Program, which does research. “The
> immigrant workers themselves see anyone as a potential enemy. The
> growers are nervous about everyone. There’s this environment of fear and
> mistrust all across the board.” 

I knew Dudley from my grad school days at Cornell in the 80's. She was
one of the mainstays of the left community in Ithaca NY, active with
anti-war, CISPES,  and other Central American solidarity programs.


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