[Marxism] Hallú, His Clownship and Xmas

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Sun Dec 24 11:24:17 MST 2006


As to what is happening in the UBA with Hallú now, I will check this 
tremendous piece of info by Popetroni, and see. 

But allow me to comment, tongue-in-cheeck, that these unnominated 
"workers of the University", as Popetroni calls them, remind me too 
much of the cowardly signature "Workers of Whatever-the-place" so 
used by some of the "Leftists" who just represent themselves and a 
minor group, but pretend to represent a "mass of workers" when they 
sign an obscure leaflet anywhere.

But I admit that according to what I know at the time of the writing 
of these lines I may be wrong, because yes, I am a normal person 
(like all working people, University workers included), it is 
Christmas time, and I am preparing a nice meeting at home with my 
children tonight, so that I haven't followed the papers nor listened 
to the radio nor the TV not even talked politics with any friend. 

Since I am so full of Christmas feelings, I will allow Popetroni to 
enjoy a good season's holidays before -as I fear I shall have to do 
again- I belie him. Later on, I might give some side hint to this new 
instance of those egregious, class-shaking events, he stuffs Marxmail 

In the meantime, I will keep the hanging rope slack for some days, 
and after that, as usual, I am afraid I will have to (boringly 
enough, admitted) denounce him as the liar tongued clown he is.


However, it should be clear that I have never said I particularly 
supported Hallú nor anyone. I only said that 

(a) Popetroni's friends kidnapped through bureaucratic manoeuvering 
student centers, not too differently than what is usual course with 
the union bureaucrats they so vocally despise (how many among them 
not with envy?), 

(b) that they act in the name of people they are not representing any 
more (if they ever did save as a reaction against the old Radical 
leadership), and 

(c) that they made as much as possible to kidnap also the election of 
the regular Presidency of the U of Buenos Aires (some leadership 
there must be, don't you think?) rejecting bourgeois democracy but 
offering nothing to replace it.

That is, when they are not bureaucrats of the worst ilk, they are 
"noise and fury signifying nothing": to sum the whole thing up, what 
I said is that Popetroni and his defended "Left" have reached a 
historical nadir even though they may score some immediate point 
somewhere, not unusually through some unholy alliance with the most 
reactionary forces in Argentina today. 

This "Left" is completely unworthy of its remaining fame abroad, it 
can't do a revolution here nor anywhere, it has no policies at all, 
it has no objectives but to remain in power wherever they have clung 
to a parcel of it, and when it gets to head some union, group of 
unemployed or students center, in the end they care less about those 
they say they represent than the worst Peronist bureaucrat (well, 
maybe this is too much -but I wouldn't be so sure either!).

This "Left"foolishly attempts to behave under the Kirchner government 
as if it was "still another" bourgeois regime, in one of the saddest 
spectacles any human can see. 

They _act_ as if there was no difference at all between Kirchner or 
Videla; true, this stupid though underlying idea is never _fully 
articulated_, to my humble knowledge. But nobody knows what limits 
can be reached by people who put the blame for the disappearence of 
the _Peronist_ Jorge Julio López on the Kirchner administration, as 
if the current Peronist Governor of Buenos Aires Solá were the same 
thing as the governor of the Proceso Saint Jean! So that please keep 
tuned to Popetroni's news service, and you might learn some 
astonishing piece of info one of these days!

There are exceptions, of course, but neither Popetroni nor those he 
defends seem to count among them.

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