[Marxism] Does socialism have a future

john rosso ijrosso at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 24 22:21:05 MST 2006

Louis wrote:
"On mixed economies, you are basically describing welfare states 
incorporating Keynesian economics, aren't you? Leaving aside the 
merits or feasibility (in an age of all out attack on both 
revolutionary socialism and the welfare state), it is just not what 
Marxists mean by the word. In the USA, allowing the private sector to 
flourish is tantamount to suicide. "

Keynesian economics, it seems to me,  is the same as social democratic policies -- policies which may help the working class in capitalist societies but are mostly implemented with the private sector in mind and often  "for profit" in government programs.   These are  short-term measures to pacify  revolts against the system and is not intended to be the best policy in the public interest.  
Democratic socialist policies, however,  would be implemented by socialists in power to benefit directly the common people without any private sector involvement  -- or  concern  of taking profits away from them.  They would thoroughly be  by "not for profit" programs.

Lastly, I believe a system which totally outlaws capitalism or  even self-employment is counter not only to logic but to the   demands by the vast majority of the people in the world.    Hence I believe the ideological capitalists are right in this respect -- that total abolition of capitalism is contrary to human nature -- and that democratic mixed economy socialism with proper controls and enforcement is the most logical economic system.  Both capitalism and Stalin's form of socialism,  it seems to me,  are too extreme -- either too unjust or too restrictive.  


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