[Marxism] Gabriel Kolko's "After Socialism"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 25 14:00:20 MST 2006

(Second in a series of posts on "Does Socialism Have a Future?")

Gabriel Kolko's "After Socialism" is a bitter diatribe against 
socialism drawn from ideas that were at one time much more 
fashionable among liberal intellectuals. In his acknowledgements, he 
singles out Bertrand Russell, Charles Peirce and Morris R. Cohen as 
writers who were "most congenial" when he began graduate work in the 
history of ideas and philosophy with an eye toward writing a Masters 
Thesis on progress. Cohen was at one time a major figure in American 
philosophy. From his roost at the City College of New York, he 
emphasized "the scientific method" and reason in a manner that was 
both beyond reproach and unfortunately ignored by world history. 
Kolko, who had been kicking around the idea of an attack on socialism 
some 40 years ago, would pick up where Cohen left off and diagnose 
the problems of the socialist left as being rooted in a failure to be 
sufficiently reasonable.


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