[Marxism] Gabriel Kolko's

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 25 19:12:11 MST 2006

Given Kolko's historical writings, his views on whether or not socialism has a
future are important. Does he call himself a socialist? If not, what exactly is
his self-description from a political point of view? Has Kolko ever belonged 
any socialist organization?

Is Gabriel Kolko still writing books on history? What are his political positions
on current issues. Is he against the war in Iraq? Does Kolko belong to any
kind of political group or organization. Louise discussed his ideas at great
length, but how does all that break down into today's actual political struggle?


Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California

However, there is absolutely nothing in “After Socialism” that points in the
way toward such a “transformation”. For a work that is driven by a kind of
hatred toward capitalism and every serious attempt in the past 150 years 
or so to redress the ills it creates, there is not the slightest hint as to what
should be done. If one is not allowed to construct socialist parties, then what
kind of party does Kolko advocate?

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