[Marxism] Gabriel Kolko's

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 25 19:24:13 MST 2006

>Given Kolko's historical writings, his views on whether or not socialism has a
>future are important. Does he call himself a socialist? If not, what 
>exactly is
>his self-description from a political point of view? Has Kolko ever belonged
>any socialist organization?

Does he call himself a socialist? As I tried to make clear, he hates 
socialism. He lumps Lenin together with Hitler, etc. He has never 
identified himself politically in any way, although I would assume 
that he identifies with the Progressivist traditions that predate 
1917. Not that he actually ever worked to bring such a movement back 
to life. He is a typical left academic, content to write books. Those 
books are very useful, but the latest is a piece of shit.

>Is Gabriel Kolko still writing books on history? What are his 
>political positions
>on current issues. Is he against the war in Iraq? Does Kolko belong to any
>kind of political group or organization. Louise discussed his ideas at great
>length, but how does all that break down into today's actual 
>political struggle?
>Walter Lippmann
>Los Angeles, California

Kolko's main political outlet is Counterpunch nowadays, where he 
writes cogent analyses of US foreign policy. Thank goodness he has 
not opted to rail against socialism there, or perhaps he has 
submitted such attacks and St. Clair and Cockburn have had the good 
sense not to publish them.

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