[Marxism] Venezuela Left Debates Single Party

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 26 05:53:47 MST 2006

Forming a new party in Venezuela doesn't look like a slam-dunk from
what we read here. A number of the organizations which want to join
the new formation have been around for a very long time and are not
in a hurry to give up their historical formations for a less than certain
future. People from the United States should have no difficulty under-
standing the reluctance which some participants are now expressing.

The need for a political organization to consciously guide the process
now unfolding in Venezuela has long been apparent. Chavez is great
as an individual leader, speaker and political tactician, but there does
need to be a vehicle through which the masses of the people can both
participate in the conscious shaping of the revolutionary process, and
where they can call leaders to account when that becomes necessary.

In Cuba, a completely different country in innumerable ways, it took
them many years to finally build a party, and their process went via
a complex series of developmental states, and that was AFTER they
abolished the capitalist system. The Cuban Communist Party wasn't
officially founded until 1975.

Venezuela Left Debates Single Party

Caracas, Dec 25 (Prensa Latina) President Hugo Chavez call to form a
single progressive party in Venezuela originated debates with general
support for the proposal, but reservations of some sectors.

Public exchanges and leaks of what happened behind closed doors
confirmed the criteria of those who warned about the complexity of
this step, which is necessary to make more organic the process of
change Chavez has been heading since 1999.

The dilemma is that as the process has been presented, the existing
parties must break up, giving their members freedom to join the
Venezuelan United Socialist Party (PSUV), a provisional name for the
political group.

The Communist Party, an organization founded over 75 years ago,
called an Extraordinary Congress in March, 2007 and other
organizations are preparing debates in their basic groups to find out
members opinions.

Smaller organizations, other than the 24 that support Chavez, like
the People s Electoral Movement and the Venezuelan People's Unity,
announced their dissolution to give way to the PSUV, as well as the V
Republica Movement, the country s largest party, with more than 4.3
million votes.

The reports say not even the traditional new-years eve parties have
stopped the activity of several parties, faced with the important

For Patria Para Todos party, its General Secretary Jose Albornoz said
the whole organization, which according to versions has registered
the more extensive debates in reference to the issue, should pay
attention to and reflect on the call to unity.

In relation to the leadership of the new party, the National Assembly
President Cecilia Flores said it will need to emerge from the base,
as President Chavez proposed, and she ruled out existence of several
government parties.


Chavez Closer to Unified Socialist Party


VENEZUELA, December 18, 2006.- The Fifth Republic Movement (MVR) of
President Hugo Chavez has decided to dissolve itself to facilitate
the creation of a single party government to be called the Unified
Socialist Party of Venezuela.

William Lara, who heads MVR, told the press that the dismantling of
the movement will take place at the beginning of 2007 shortly after
the new Unified Socialist Party is registered with the National
Electoral Council, reported AFP.

Chavez had proposed the new organization to merge the political
parties allied behind his recently successful reelection bid in order
to move the country towards a 21st century socialism.

Spokespersons for the Communist Party of Venezuela indicated they
will support the creation of the new organization which they said
should have its own ideological framework and not be a mishmash of
groups, reported Prensa Latina.

The stance of the communists urges widespread participation in the
forming of the new party and not a distribution of quotas among the
existing groups that decide to join.

Among the parties supporting Chavez’ December 3 landslide reelection
victory under the Bloc for Change banner were MVR, the number one
national political force, Por la Democracia Social (Podemos), Patria
para Todos, and the Communist Party.

Chavez states that the aim of the single revolutionary party is to
guarantee irreversibility and step up the process of change he has
led since 1998 during his 2007-2013 term in office.

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