[Marxism] The disappearing Peronist legacy

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 26 12:27:04 MST 2006

>From Louis who is quoting:

"When Perón went out to the town of Berisso, near  La
Plata, at the height of a packinghouse  workers' strike and
was seen to confer publicly  with the leader of the
walkout, Cipriano Reyes,  it was no longer possible for the
large  foreign-owned packinghouses to refuse to  negotiate
with Reyes and his colleagues."

Cipriano Reyes won that strike and later became a central
figure and founder of the Partido Laborista (Labor Party)
that enthusiastically supported Peron and was instrumental
in the mobilizations  of October 17, 1945 that marked  the
birth of the movement later to be known as Peronism.

Once in power, Peron ordered the  dissolution of the
Labor Party.  When Cipriano Reyes and others refused, they
were incarcerated, tortured and remained in jail a number
of years.

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