[Marxism] The disappearing Peronist legacy

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 26 15:08:51 MST 2006


There was no mention of a plot for a cou d'etat in the official inquiry.
The accusation was a plot to kill Peron.  Thed only witnesses offered
were the police and miltiary officers in charge of the sting operation.

There were no tapes or films introduced as evidence and only the
word from the cops was accepted as sufficient "proof."

Reyes, however, was never formally accused of "attempted murder."

By the way, I was wrong:

The National Boards of Meat and Cereals were created as a result of the
pro-imperialist Roca-Runciman agreement.  They were created in 1934.
I should have said that Peron dramatically changed the functioning of
them  to monopolize exports.

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