[Marxism] The disappearing Peronist legacy AND FASCISM

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 26 17:29:17 MST 2006

Peron was not opposed to fascism, he thought it was impractical and unnecessary
under Argentinean conditions and his own political goals.

There was plenty of fascists in Argentina in the from the 1930s onward.  They
even formed their own militias.  At the time of Peron's appearance, the
military President of the time said:

"What is our position about the fascists in Argentina? Well, it all depends...
if they managed to make a parade and less than 5,000 showed up, we will
disperse them; if they managed to gather 5,000 we would tolerate them and
if they got more than 5,000, then we join them."

At the time, they never manged to gather more than 5,000, and they lost
the pitched battles against socialists, communist and even radicals (from
the bourgeois UCR)...

The Golden Shirts were swpt away.  But Peronism soon gave them a
niche.  Peronism almost always included a fascist component, most
of the time a minority.  Except during Isabel Martineez de Peron's 
government after Peron's death.

A weird alliance between fascists, ultra-catholics, cops military officers
and trade union bureaucrats under the command of Lopez Rega, the
"Brujo", managed to briefly control the state, using death squads against
leftists and working class activists and dreaming of a "corporate' state
a la Franco.

A general strike pushed them out of power.  Then the military struck.

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