[Marxism] Fidel Castro and juan Peron

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Tue Dec 26 21:27:16 MST 2006

S wrote:
> Why was this? (It seems strange, given that many Lat Am countries with
> right-wing governments had cut diplomatic relations with Cuba in the
> 60s and 70s). Any ideas?

I can only speculate. Someone who knows the official Cuban reaction when this
question was asked should answer for sure...

I think Cuba wanted to freeze the diplomatic status quo when the July 26th
Movement came to power, especially later when the US tried to freeze them out,
pretty successfully. Most of Latin American cut relations with Cuba except for
Mexico. Interestingly, Mexico was one of the few countries in the world that
still maintained an embassy from the REPUBLIC of Spain, filled with veterans of
the Civil War. I don't think any other country did this. There was no general
international campaign TO isolate Franco's regime in 1959 (or later for that
matter) so they left things as they were, hopefully with some trade to follow
(which it did). Anomalies such as this exist, I don't think they are earth
shattering. I think Cuba maintained diplomatic relations with Israel until 1973
(when the rest of the Warsaw Pact cut them in the 1950s), also. They also honor
Christopher Columbus. *New* statues to him adorn Havana. This are interesting,
but fundamentally irrelevant political facts, IMHO.


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