[Marxism] Sui Generis Christmas in Paraguay

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Wed Dec 27 03:14:07 MST 2006

Sui Generis Christmas in Paraguay

Asunción, Dec 26 (Prensa Latina) While the news silence was the norm
in other places of the continent, Christmas in Paraguay had a
peculiar activity, with a bishop´s resignation to his profession, in
order to dispute power to governmental Colorado Party.

Monsignor Fernando Lugo asked Pope Benedict XVI Sunday for his
consent to intervene in the political arena, and announced his
candidacy to run for the post of President in the 2008 elections.

"The time has come to take exclusion, oblivion and discrimination
form the current Paraguayan social life," said Monsignor Lugo in a
message to the local population, read in the city of Encarnacion,
248.5 miles away from the capital.

He outlined the character of the opposition, and said that if they
are united, they could build a new Paraguay.

He said that if the Vatican would possibly punish him if he insisted
on his political purposes, they could accept his decision or not,
because he is already in the field of politics.

Paraguayan newspaper Ultima Hora said Lugo's candidature is
uncertain, but at least is something different, and alerted the
Colorado Party will do whatever it takes to tear him apart.

Current Paraguayan President Nicanor Duarte said to newspaper La
Nacion Lugo constituted a menace to the current system, because of
his socialist aspirations, but he recognized he was a leftist, and
said that was no sin at all in the world they are now living.

Duarte has made his aspiration to persist on the struggle to be
reelected, if a constitutional emmienda to support reelection is
definitely approved in the local Parliament, since reelection is
banned by the Paraguayan Constitution.

Paraguayan workers seem to consider Lugo (55 years old) as the man
who can change things in Paraguay.

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