[Marxism] Fidel Castro and juan Peron

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 27 11:48:48 MST 2006

Sayan says: "But my surprise was not at why Cuba hadn't cut relations with
Spain (which is quite understandable -- Cuba was struggling to avoid
isolation), but rather why Franco's SPAIN did not cut relations with Cuba
(i.e. the other-way-around question). It seems strange, given that most of
the right-wing governments in the Spanish-speaking world had cut relations
with Cuba."

This is actually a very good question.

The answer --I believe-- is simply this: the "other" right wing governments
were by and large semicolonial regimes under the tutelage of U.S.
imperialism, which Spain was not. Spain was striving to re-consolidate its
standing as one of the imperialist powers, and among the resources it had to
accomplish this goal was its linguistically and culturally privileged
relationship with former Spanish colonies, Cuba among them.

As for Cuba itself, I don't believe Cuba (since the revolution) ever cut off
diplomatic relations with anyone, except Israel in 1973 but that was part of
a broader sanction -- I think decreed by the Non Aligned Movement, but it
may have been some other coalition of Third World countries -- in the
context of the war that year.


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