[Marxism] Samir Amin on political Islam

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 27 16:34:52 MST 2006

>In particular, the article is IMHO of no help in understanding why 
>movements like Hizbollah or Hamas have gained mass support in direct 
>competition with secular political movements or in explaining what 
>is happening in Iraq, where Political Islam in various forms plays a 
>complex role in the development of the struggle.
>Einde O'Callaghan

I plan to deal with the whole topic of Marxism and religion in a 
future post, but I thought it was interesting that Amin had that to 
say about political Islam when Yoshie has been burning up the 
Internet with the need to think in terms of Amin's multipolar world, 
which ostensibly includes backing of Iran and Hezbollah against 
Anglo-American imperialism. I had assumed that Amin was also pro-Iran 
based on an incident that I really can't get into here, but I was 
somewhat startled to find a hostile reference to political Islam in 
"Beyond US Hegemony", a book that I am nearly finished with. So I 
simply googled Amin and "political Islam" and when that article was 
the first thing that showed up, I decided to forward it. I do agree 
strongly with him on one thing. Liberation theology, at least in 
terms of what we understand through the Latin American experience, 
doesn't have much to do with the *authoritarian* nature of religious 
sects and states that invest a kind of higher authority in clerics. 
When the bourgeois revolution decided to separate church and state, I 
think that was in the interest of the working class but I will have 
more to say on this... 

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