[Marxism] The farm worker paradox - post your favorite solutions!

Jon Baranov jonburp at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 27 19:27:55 MST 2006

In Micheal Perelman's book the Perverse Economy, he quotes Adam Smith's "farm
  worker  paradox". While he solves the diamond-water paradox, I do not remember him
  attempting to explain the farm worker paradox. I apologize if I simply missed 
  Michael's argument
  Does anyone on this list think they 
  have the answer? I think the "paradox" has an obvious solution as far as capitalists 
  are concerned.  What about wage differentials between workers? 
  Here's my attempt -
  1. The unequal structure of demand for various kinds of labor
  2. Bargaining power - the inherent structure if the capitalist labor market
  3. Social control - the cultural and institutional imperatives of capital
  4. Different profit rares and accidental factors

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