[Marxism] Slander again (with a political coda)

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Thu Dec 28 10:28:35 MST 2006

Poor Popetroni can't but fall in slander against yours truly once and 
again. He comments on the trial to Almirón (which I hasten to say I 
am _most happy that takes place_) that 

"Of course, these are the people Nestor said Peron was "forced" to 
use to liquidate the left Peronists.  He wrote "forced to rely" on 
them.  As they say: I'll see you in court since I gladly signed as a 
potential witness as the Triple A tried twice to kill me. "

There are two sides to this:

A) To all list members and the moderator in particular

Popetroni won't see me in court but as another witness, if need be, 
and if Almirón is proved to have had anything to do with the death of 
our comrade Llerena Rosas, which will hardly happen because this 
seems to have been a more "internal" issue of the union than a 
general political issue. 

But in the memory of Carlos, I will not let this new attempt at  
slander unnoticed, particularly to the list's moderator. Popetroni, 
in what he may perhaps believe to be a sly move, is trying to put me 
on Almirón's side, which is a vomitive attempt in itself and twice as
vomitive when it is performed by violating the most elementary rules 
of political convivence in a list like Marxmail.

B) On Perón and "Leftist" provocations

On the other hand, Perón was "forced", yes, by history and politics, 
to rely on such elements to put an end to what he considered a 
challenge to his leadership and a menace to democratic convivence 
that he could not allow to exist.  

Again: I am not passing moral judgement. I am just describing a  
political situation. Popetroni may not agree with this description, 
but he has not offered a better one, so that I stick to it: Without 
the attempt of _some_ of the "Left" -inverted commas important- and 
newborn Peronists to rob him of his movement, and without the 
pertinacy of the ERP in killing military, businessmen and unionists 
_after a democratic government was elected_, he wouldn't have opened 
up his hand to the Right wing that, by the way, finally escaped his 
control and really deployed itself _after_, not before, Perón's 

As to the list of possible targets of the Triple A that Petroni  
dutifully adds to his slander, this means nothing politically and out 
of  context. It is the usual anti-Communist rant that covered up the 
actions of the criminals. What's so new with that? Would you actually 
believe that their _declared_ targets were their _intended_ targets?

As I commented elsewhere, Popetroni's politics is just "sound and 
fury, signifying nothing". That is why he can only be of use to his 
own people and the cause of humankind in general as a "bourgeois" 
witness in a "bourgeois" trial against the violation of "bourgeois" 
rights, those established by the Bourgeois Revolution in France in 

Marx, not Groucho but Karl, knew what he was saying when he said that 
Anarchists were Liberals with bombs in their hands. Off goes the 
bomb, you have the Liberal. 

At least for my own selfish sake, I sincerely wish Popetroni and all 
Liberals like him well in the trial. Not only I wish him well, I also 
hope he does his best to put Almirón in jail. Thus he will be serving 
the Argentineans, at least for just one time in his life. Which will 
bring us a little closer. 

No hot tubs. Concrete politics, that is what is needed, David 

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