[Marxism] Where were Lorenzo Miguel and Casildo Herrera on June 27, 1975?

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Nestor wanted us to believe that the general strike of June 27, 1975 that ended
the career of Minister sinister Jose Lopez Rega and Economy Minister Rodrigo
was called by Lorenzo Miguel -- the head of the Metalworkers Union and of the
62 Peronist Organizations and Casildo Herrera, then head of the CGT.

These are the facts:

Both Casildo Herrera and Lorenzo Miguel demanded some concessions from
Isabel Peron and the Economy Minister on June 13. On the 17 of June the
newspaper La Razon published in front page "the 45% raise was generalized"
and not the 70% demanded by Casildo and Miguel.

Rogelio Papagno from the construction workers union led a march of about
3.000 to Plaza de Mayo to ask for a larger raise (remember, inflation that
month amounted to more than 200%).

On June 24, Lorenzo Miguel organized his own demonstration, of about 8.000
to ask for the same. Lorenzo was invited by Isabel Peron to enter the
government house and, after an hour there, both Isabel and Lorenzo Miguel
showed themselves at the balcony of the government house to announce an

Lorenzo Miguel sent his boys home.

Believing he had struck a masterpiece agreement, Lorenzo Miguel boarded
the following day a plane with Casildo Herrera and forty other tradeunion
bureaucrats to go to a meeting of the OIT in Geneva.

On June 25, the Economy Minister Rodrigo said that was no deal.  He would
not budge on the raise question.  Isabel supported him.

On June 27, Lorenzo Miguel and Casildo Herrera received a phone call from
the CGT (remember there were no e-mails or faxes available at the time) at
7:30 AM Argentinean time alerting him that columns of workers were marching
on Plaza de Mayo "outside the structures."

He answered that he would consult with Casildo Herrera and others and call
back with instructions as to what to do.

He called backed, according to numerous sources, around 10AM, when there
were already thousands in Plaza de Mayo and surrounding the CGT building
very threatening of the health of the bureaucrats barricaded inside.

He had what it was a half an hour conversation in which other leaders with
him participated.  He told the people in Buenos Aires that Casildo Herrera
was already on his way and could not talk from the airplane.

It was obvious that a general strike was already happening.

They agreed to endorse it officially.  The declaration was signed at around
noon that day.  Lorenzo Miguel added a caviat: demand from the government
the removal of Economy Minister Rodrigo and his replacement with a man
close to the tradeunionists: Cafiero.

Lorenzo Miguel was disuaded to take the same plane with Herrera by no other
than the Commander in Chief of te Navy, Massera in a phone call earlier
that morning.

Tens of thousands of workers were alkready demonstrating, hundreds if not
thousands of workplaces were occuppied. Lorenzo Miguel and Casildo Herrera
spent half of the general strike discussing what to do and only joined it from
the distance when it was already a fait accompli.

Certainly that doesn't sound like they led it, is it?

Of course, anyone checking the newspapers from that time will find that
information easily.

These events were followed by big signs of working class agitation, stoppages,
factory occupations and another 48 hours general strike called by the CGT when
the strikes were already in effect.

On July 11, Lopez rega resigned, the Vicepresident of the Senate, a
a socialcristian resigned to allow Italo Luder to assume as such.

Luder will soon temporarily assume as President when Isabel Peron took
a license to "rest" at an Air Force residence in Ascochinga. Luder, Isabel
and the military commanders agreed to form a National Defense Body and
gave the military carte blanche to "anhilate the subversives."

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