[Marxism] Moderator's note

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Dec 28 13:57:17 MST 2006

Carlos wrote:
>Nestor wanted us to believe that the general strike of June 27, 1975 
>that ended
>the career of Minister sinister Jose Lopez Rega and Economy Minister Rodrigo
>was called by Lorenzo Miguel -- the head of the Metalworkers Union and of the
>62 Peronist Organizations and Casildo Herrera, then head of the CGT.
>These are the facts:
>Both Casildo Herrera and Lorenzo Miguel demanded some concessions from
>Isabel Peron and the Economy Minister on June 13. On the 17 of June the
>newspaper La Razon published in front page "the 45% raise was generalized"
>and not the 70% demanded by Casildo and Miguel.

I consider myself more involved with Argentine politics than most 
people on this list. In 1974, I presented the majority position on 
Argentina in the Houston branch of the SWP, which at that time was in 
a bloc with the group that Carlos belonged to. Later that year, I was 
host to Juan Carlos Coral who was the presidential candidate of that 
party and visiting the USA.

About 5 years ago, I wrote a series of articles on Argentine history 
that entailed reading perhaps 2000 pages of background material.

Having said all that, my eyes glaze over when I see these exchanges 
between Nestor and Carlos, despite the fact that I am closer to 
Nestor politically than Carlos. I have advised Nestor privately that 
I don't think most people on the list pay much attention to the 
internecine struggles of the Argentine far left from decades ago. In 
a way, rehashing these debates will only serve to deaden comrades' 
interest in anything that is written about Argentina. That would be a shame.

I strongly urge Carlos and Nestor to focus on the here and now. 
Although I am sure that the differences from the past mean a great 
deal to them, they simply don't register on most subscribers. As a 
rule of thumb, when a debate involves only 2 subscribers, that is a 
sign that it is not really worth pursuing. 

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